Friday 23 December 2011

Yo Ho Ho!! Mary Chrimbo

Christmas!!! It’s that time of year when everyone gets all excited and stuff and forgive me for being a bit bah humbug but each year I just don’t get what all the excitement is about… See, I was raised in a very religious family and we never celebrated Christmas so it wasn’t until I was seventeen that I had my first proper Christmas and that was spent in a pub lock-in with my then girlfriend and the only festive thing we did was get really drunk…
I guess over the years I have learnt to enjoy it more and my favourite one was when I was in Amsterdam for a couple of weeks. Maybe it was the ‘local’ cigarettes I was smoking but for the first time in my life I actually felt festive! The air was cold and crisp and every where I looked there was tinselly decorations with the odd Dutchman cycling past whistling Christmas songs. My friend and I were staying in a dingy hostel on some dodgy street until some more friends arrived and we got to share their hotel room. On the big day we ate pancakes and did some sightseeing.
The point I’m rambling towards though, is, Christmas is what you make of it. For me it means enjoying time with friends. Each year my friends back in Jersey would all get together for a big meal and to get nice and drunk and I will miss that this year but my life has started a new chapter so it’s time to look forward and enjoy what I have achieved these last few months.
So whatever you get up to and whoever you spend it with, I hope you enjoy it. :)  


  1. And a Merry Christmas to you Sarah as well. First time I have ever gone away for Xmas, with renting a cottage with family for 3 days in Shropshire. And with a village pub just around the corner, guess where much of our time is going to be spent. Have a good one hun. Eva x.

  2. For me Christmas is all about snuggling with my Tribble, good food, relaxed times, Doctor Who and lots of love and laughter.

    Happy holidays Sarah! xx

  3. Hey Sarah - we are all so different when it comes to Christmas! I'm a Pagan so for me its more Yule but I do the things for the kids!
    Its a funny time. For me, probably the loneliest time of the year (apart from New Year!). Expectations are so high. And when you are single (even happily so) you can feel really lonely. I know I do...
    I'm lowering the tone here! Soz - well, finished buying pressies so gonna put my feet up n watch Emmerdale (v v happy now the gorgeous Alicia Eyo is in it ;)). My life is so rock n roll!
    Have a good one Sarah - will be thinking of ya.
    Much love
    rainbow-fairy xXx

  4. Merry christmas! I'm really enjoying reading your blog :) Colette xxx

  5. Hi Sarah, glad things are begining to turn for the good, and who knows next year you my be spending Xmas with all your old Friends, it all a question of confidence, the group have got you started on your journey....why stop?

  6. Hey Sarah, just wanted to say that I loved watching you on My Transsexual Summer. I'm so glad you moved to Brighton <3 I live here too, and I know you're gonna find it such a breath of fresh air. Most people here are so kind and accepting of everyone, I can't imagine living anywhere else. I really hope you're getting on well here!