Friday 16 December 2011

Government Ministers and Lesbian Pubs (My Week)

Its been a while since my last blog and I’ve been slacking a little in the online part of my life… I’ve just had such a lot going on recently, when I sit down at home I just want to chill out…
What a few days it’s been though! Last week I was woken up by a phone call from someone who said they were from the Home Office!??!! All kinds of thoughts flashed through my mind, what did they want with me? Were they going to deport me back to Jersey for crimes against fashion? Did they want to nominate me for Prime Minister?
As it turned out the Equalities Minister, Lynne Featherstone was launching the first ever government plan for transgender equality and had asked for someone from My Transsexual Summer to help promote it. So there I was at 6am having not slept because I was out with the others from MTS the night before and I knew that if I went to sleep I wouldn’t wake up in time, downing Red Bull in the hope that I would be able to appear awake on breakfast TV… It all went really well in the end and I was asked to the actual Home Office building to have a meeting with the minister herself. Who would have thought, me, a girl from a tiny island near France, having a natter with a top government minister!!! Lynne seemed like a really nice lady and was clued up on trans issues. Here’s a link to the actual paper the government produced.
Although it’s great and all that the government are taking steps for the progress of transgender rights, from what I understand from this paper, it’s not actually agreeing to do anything. It just seems like they’re saying “let’s start thinking about doing something” It seems a bit of a cop out to me.
Why are they not doing something to promote gender variance in schools? Discrimination and bullying comes from not understanding and there should be more done to educate people.
Why do trans people feel they have to fight to get treatment on the NHS? Failure or a long wait for treatment is seriously detrimental to the wellbeing of people who are transgendered.
I could go on but I’m trying to keep this post short.

In other news, I have got myself a part time job!! I now work behind the bar at the Marlborough pub in Brighton. Apparently it’s a lesbian bar? I had a shift there last night and it went really well, luckily I remembered how to pull a pint and the night flew past in the end. I really enjoyed getting out there and meeting some new people and I hope it’s the start of more shifts and maybe a proper job.
I’m also over a quarter of the way to my target of £2000 on my fundraising page to fund my hair removal. Yay!! A huge thanks to all those who have donated, I have booked my first consultation for Monday and I’ll know a bit more about the treatments I’ll be getting after then. I’m really looking forward to starting, I hate having to shave my face every day, its ripping up my skin and if I haven’t shaved on a particular day my confidence takes a real hit if I have to leave the house. It costs a fortune in razors too!! Heres a link should you wish to donate <3
I’m off to go and see Karen tonight for her birthday so I’ll leave you with that. J


  1. Hey! Get you!!! I think you'd make a bloody good MP, and I'd vote for you any day - maybe you + the rest of the MTS gang could create your own party. UK domination, what a thought!
    So glad to hear you're getting there towards your fund target, and nice one on the job! I'll pop in and say hi if I get to Brighton next year unlikely but I can hope :)
    Ah, give Karen a big cuddle from me for her birthday. I often find myself wondering how you all are doing...
    Just hope 2012 gets better and better for you Sarah,
    Loadsa love xXx

  2. Hi, as always I love reading your blog. I think that there needs to be more education in our schools on trans issues, it's just not acceptable the amount of bullying that can occur. Education is the key to understanding.
    I also think that treatment should be available on the NHS more easily. It would save lives to do so because it would help bring down the suicide rate of trans people who just can not cope with the struggle. I think your a really brave woman, you inspire me to be strong.