Monday 12 March 2012


Something hasn’t been right in my world for some time now. Somehow, something was niggling away at the back of my mind… Unfortunately these fears came true recently and a person has taken advantage of me. It’s not about money, it’s about trust, honour and, at it’s very basic, being a nice, kind human being. I even remember a conversation with this person where he was told that he wasn’t expected to help for free, he was welcome to take a wage if the money was there, the only stipulation given was that he was honest about it. Sadly he couldn’t even do that. I’ve had a few people email me since with the truth about this person and I regret not acting sooner.
Discovering the lies and betrayal of trust by this person has upset me greatly and has shaken my faith in people. It’s not something I wish to discuss with anyone, I have said all I will say on the matter and want to move on with my life.
Something that has struck me recently on the travels I have been on and the people that I have met along the way. I have got to know a few people, from beauticians to charity workers who earn a living from helping people. And what’s more, these people I’ve met are all lovely, well rounded individuals. They go to work in the morning and by the time they’ve come home they have made some kind of positive difference in another person’s life. And they get paid to do it.
This has been quite a revelation for me, I always hated working for some corporation, making other people rich through my hard work. I’ve always wanted a job that gives me satisfaction, a sense of worth, to feel good about going to work in the morning. To find out about this kind of work has been a surprise to me, back home in Jersey these kind of jobs simply do not exist, the island is too small and there jut isn’t the need for the scale of charity work found here on the mainland.
I know I will need to volunteer for a charity for a while and hope that paid work comes up but I have decided that if I am ever to genuinely enjoy working, this is what I must do. I’m gonna start researching who I want to work for and looking for volunteer work that’s local to Brighton.
New rule for life: Be nice and nice things will happen.


  1. Before I became disabled I used to work as a care assistant to the elderly with dementia - and I loved it. The hours were hard (often I had to work 72 hour weeks) but I always went home knowing that I'd made sure my residents were comfortable, clean, well dressed, well fed and had smiled at least once that day.

    Wishing you the best in your future plans for a fulfilling career!

  2. When you think how much time we spend working, it is important to do something that gives more satisfaction than simply being a wage slave. I have worked in the Charity sector (as a business manager) and in the commercial environmental sector, in both of these roles there was a satisfaction in making a difference as well as receiving a wage. Now I am a self employed gardener, I get paid for doing something I love, and my customers get a service they need to keep their lives happy.